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Structured - Good Health


My Physical Well-being Eq

  • Sensory Circuits - Some students from the structured provision had a sensory assessment from an Occupational Therapist. This was also used to create a personalised sensory circuit plan. The object of the circuit is to help the students to regulate and be ready for learning.
  • Ball Games - During ball games, the students are encouraged to take part in a structured session, where taking turns and listening to instructions is encouraged. Gross motor skills such as catching, throwing, rolling are developed. Songs are sung.
  • Parachute Games - As part of the Equals Curriculum, it is recommended that students engage in structured play activities to learn social skills, play skills, tolerance of the proximity of other students and turn taking skills.

My Creativity Eq

  • Music - Music is a medium that is used by some of the classes to cover the RSE curriculum. We sing body related songs to enable the students to familiarise themselves with their body parts. These songs relate to the Steps to Relationships booklets. The booklets contain photos of different categories of people, and at the back of each page there are the social rules related to each one of these categories.
  • My Body - The students are encouraged to use some of their senses in order to explore different textures and scents. They are encouraged to listen to various sounds or look at interesting items. They do relate these actions to different body parts. Songs are sung in order to explain the link between each sensation and the body part.

Wren Offer

Relaxation Relaxation is practised on a daily basis to prepare the students for quiet time before lunch.
Physical Play Two classes join together in order to play with p.e. equipment such as scooters and bikes. If it is raining, they will have access to therapy balls, tunnels, trampolines, various ribbons, scarves, yoga mats, and weighted blankets.
Free Choice – Transport Free choice is practised at the end of the school day. Students are able to use their individual communication skills; speech, symbols, or communication boards to make a choice about an activity or toy they would like to engage with. This settles the students before transport so that the end of the day is happy and relaxed and students are more able to successfully transition home.
Relax Kids Relax Kids takes place on a Friday afternoon before assembly. This involves the students having opportunities to relax to soothing music in a quiet, dark, safe space. They can also participate in hand and foot massage if they want to. The process boosts their mental health and wellbeing.
Soft Play During this time, the students are encouraged to practice their gross motor skills. Vestibular and proprioceptive activities are introduced to students in a fun and relaxed way.


Engaging with creative experiences:

  • Music

Students take part in music sessions, consisting of using musical instruments, signing, and call and response. Students explore music, communication skills, and making choices. Music Man delivers one session a week to the Accreditation group.

  • Sensory art

Students explore colours and different types of materials in different ways.

Getting on with other people

Through structured situations or during free play, students are encouraged to develop their social interaction. The students are encouraged to move through the different stages of play through carefully planned sessions. These include transitioning from solitary play to parallel, turn taking play.