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Structured - Friends, Relationships & Community


My Independence Eq.

Travel Training Eq.

At the beginning of the school year, students are taught to familiarise themselves with the school and how to get from A to B inside the school. The skills are further broken down to analyse the type of support a student may need. As the confidence grows and skills are mastered, the students then access the minibus and practice getting on and off the bus safely and then accessing the community.

Wren Offer

Playground Students access the playground to give them opportunities to self-regulate but also to gain skills at socialising with their peers. They have opportunities to share equipment and play alongside their peers.
Sensory Experiences During these experiences, some of the students explore sensory stories in the sensory room. The leader of the session uses visual, auditory, gustative and olfactory and tactile stimuli. Proprioception, emotional and imagery patterns are also incorporated in the delivery of the story.
Break There are times during the school day when students may find that the demands of the classroom become overwhelming for them, and they require a break. They can indicate the need for a break by pointing to, or exchanging, a break symbol. Staff will then give the student opportunities to go for a walk or to engage in an activity that helps them to either self-regulate or co-regulate.


Community Inclusion:

  • Travel in the community.

Students access the community throughout the term in order to familiarise themselves with the local shops and parks.


  • Preparing drinks and snacks

During snack time, the students are encouraged to prepare simple snacks and drinks with various types of prompts. They are encouraged to make choices using either verbal, gestural or low AAC.