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Single Equality Duty

At Wren Spinney, our aim is to develop the independence of students with complex needs, to equip them with the skills and confidence to face future challenges.
We will do this by:
  • Using individualised approaches in a safe environment
  • Liaising with parents, carers and other agencies to give students support
  • Making sure students feel safe and confident to express their personality and develop their potential
  • Working as a team
  • Learning from each other and trying new ideas to improve what we do
  • Being passionate advocates for inclusion at all times.
We will ensure our students:
  • Feel safe
  • Are listened to
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Try their best
  • Respect others
This Single Equality Policy aims to:
  • Work towards equality in all areas of our school life
  • Provide a broad curriculum that is free of restricted expectations, prejudice or discrimination and which recognises, celebrates and values all cultures in the community; ensuring all students have access to an appropriate curriculum with accreditations / examinations to support them towards their aspirations and goals
  • Encourage young people to recognise their own value and the value of others
  • Help young people develop an understanding of the notion of inequality and develop skills to be able to combat it
  • To address and remove obstacles that prevent students and adults from gaining access to appropriate learning opportunities and benefiting from them
  • To recognise the importance of the home environment and try to address barriers that may inhibit the participation of some groups of parents.
  • Ensure that our equality objectives complement the outcomes for children and support their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.
  • Inform our School Development Plan
  • Demonstrate how promoting equality and eliminating discrimination can help raise standards
  • Ensure that equality and diversity are part of the school’s core business both as a school and as an employer.
  • Ensure that our priorities for raising standards support our equality objectives
  • Inform the overall evaluation of our effectiveness in our self-evaluation form for future Ofsted inspections
  • That the school is conducted in such a way that positively asserts people’s rights to equality of consideration and opportunity

Equality refers to outcomes, making sure that all benefit equally from our activities. Diversity recognises that we can only achieve equality by taking into account the different needs of communities. Equality is impossible to achieve without recognising diversity.