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Wren Spinney School Provisions

Three Provisions:

  • Sensory
  • Structured
  • Collaborative

We Want Our Curriculum to Be...
  • To provide a high-quality provision that meets the holistic individual needs of students. 
  • We will do this by developing a total communication environment whereby all students and staff are able to build positive and trusting relationships. 
  • High levels of engagement will provide the opportunities for learning skills for now and the future.

Severe Learning Difficulties

Consistently and over time working at or below the starting levels of the national curriculum.
Difficulties with communication.
Difficulties with concentration and attention.
Difficulties with abstract concepts.
Difficulties with short and long-term memory.
Difficulties with sequential memory.
Limited working memory.
Poor general knowledge.
Difficulties with problem-solving.
Difficulties with generalising understanding.

Imray and Colley (2017)


What Do We Offer to Ensure We Achieve Our Intentions? 
Sensory Structured Collaborative
  • Equals based Pre-formal & Informal
  • Equals based Informal
  • Equals based Semi-formal

The Wren Spinney School Curriculum is in five areas relating to Preparing for Adulthood (PfA). Delivery is provision specific.

For each area of the curriculum, a pupil will have a Personalised Learning Goal (PLG).   PLGs are linked to their EHCP outcomes. PLGs are assessed using the Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress (MAPP) criteria.

Progress against PLGs is measured against these four MAPP principles

We believe that this will enable our students to become...
  • Successful learners who make progress against their Personalised Learning Goals, enjoy learning and achieve their potential.
  • Confident adults who can live safe, healthy and happy lives.
  • Responsible adults who make a positive contribution to society.