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Comments from visitors and professionals about Wren Spinney School

"The embedding of the school curriculum model and its positive impact upon classroom practice and pupil outcomes is something that many similar schools would wish to see."

Jan Martin (School Improvement Advisor)


"Curriculum – Staff were all really enthusiastic and happy about how the new Curriculum is working within school and how much the pupils are enjoying it."

"Safeguarding - All the staff spoken to had a clear understanding of their role and how to use My Concern (Safeguarding reporting and recording), there was a recognition that low level reporting was important. They all knew who to contact if more advice was needed."

Jeannette Payne (Local Governing Body)


Peter Imray observed a number of classes across the provisions, many development points that were raised in Mike Sissons (Equals) visit in the Spring term have been addressed, which was reflected in the feedback from Peter. He was impressed with how far and how quickly we have come in the journey and the dedication and enthusiasm for the curriculum as a leadership and staff team. Peter requested to continue to work with us next academic year.

Peter Imray (Equals Curriculum Advisor)


"It has been a real pleasure to support you through the Healthy Schools Bronze Award process. It was so lovely to spend time in your school seeing and hearing about all the wonderful opportunities you are creating for your students. It is evident that the staff care a great deal and are always considering the needs of individuals in everything they do. You have clearly worked hard to create a culture of acceptance and respect for all."

Healthy Schools Advisor for Kettering and Corby


(Pupil)'s mum has just been saying how great communication is, how impressed she is with Wren’s EHCP review process, and how well you all know (Pupil). She was extremely impressed with the staff on the Wicksteed day trip too and noted how attentive the staff had been. (Pupil) is in such a good place at the moment and I really feel that school has a big impact in this. Well done Wren!

Parental Feedback


"I was on placement at Wren Spinney as a student nurse in November 2022. All the staff were very welcoming and made me feel as though I was a part of their team. The staff gave off a friendly and caring environment that encourages students' learning and development despite the challenges. I enjoyed my time at Wren Spinney and I learned a lot regarding student’s physical health needs and also their learning development needs."

University of Northampton Student.


"During the past few months, my experience at Wren Spinney School has been amazing. Although I am an apprentice, I have gained new skills and improved on skills. I have been welcomed by all the staff and feel confident and comfortable with the environment I work in. I am getting the support and guidance I need from the staff and management. I feel like this placement will give me the experience I need to achieve my qualification at the end of the apprenticeship and I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity."

Apprentice Teaching Assistant


"I just wanted to say that she has let us know how amazing her day was with you. She wanted to thank you for making her first day so amazing and for all the support she received yesterday."

Agency feedback from a Supply Teaching Assistant


"I wanted to let you know that after a great meeting with an Apprentice this morning, I can confirm that she has successfully passed her probation. She continues to speak highly of how the Wren Spinney staff have contributed to her learning experience and growth as an apprentice since the beginning of her journey. I can't express enough how much we appreciate the supportive environment Wren Spinney have provided. It sets the tone for a successful learning experience, and it truly demonstrates that Wren Spinney is the perfect placement for our apprentices. Thank you again to you all for contributing to Apprentice’s success."

Client Success Executive for Apprentices


"Thank you for the great morning yesterday. It was great to hear how Equals has empowered your staff and changed the way the students are learning. I really enjoyed visiting Wren and came back with lots of ideas for our pathway 1 classes. Thanks again for taking the time to show us around and to the staff for talking so passionately about their classes."

Assistant Head from Isebrook (Creating Tomorrow Trust school)


Christmas performance, to see how well the class gelled together

New curriculum appropriate for the student’s needs and watching students grow

Seeing student’s journey and progress through the year

Improvement in behaviour since the beginning of the year and opportunities to go out in the community

Stronger relationships with parents and carers

Confidence in students

Out in the community, opens up student’s world

Staff Feedback