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Information for Employers ​​​​​​​

We are continually looking to expand the opportunities and experiences provided to our learners, and a fantastic way to do this is to provide them with contact and learning through passionate employers, businesses and organisations.

Our goal is for learners to reach post-18 with the appropriate knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for their next destination. For some our learners, this can be wholly supported by external employer engagement. We would love to hear from those who can offer:

  • Employer Talks
  • Business site visits
  • Mentoring
  • Enterprise activities
  • Work experience and job shadowing

We would love to hear from you, and welcome any opportunity that can be offered to our learners. If you can provide engagement for our learners, inside or outside of school, please contact Anna Kirkland using

Student example

Student A has followed the ASDAN curriculum and will leave Wren with an extended certificate of 25 credits. The student has joined in with multiple units including: Sensory story, creative experiences, accessing the community, caring for plants, and, health and safety. During their time at Wren, student A has had access to a multitude of experiences, giving them a strong skill set for their post-18 transition. They have accessed: music therapy, horse riding, swimming, travel training, food shopping, school trips and more. Student A has also experienced the world of work through work experience at The Sweet Shop, Chester House farm shop, and Stanwick lakes; as well as supporting site and office staff in school. Student A will be attending a SEN college in September, an opportunity that has been made through the skills learnt, and experiences had, at Wren Spinney.