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Inclement Weather

These are the procedures we follow should we have to close the school due to poor weather.

The decision to close the school is never taken lightly and is done in conjunction with the Chair of Governors. We fully appreciate that a decision to close the school causes disruption. However, we not only have to consider the health and safety concerns while in school, but also the problems of pupils and staff getting to and from school. Factors such as the availability of the school car park and access to the school entrances are also taken into account.

Many staff members travel long distances to get to work. Occasionally, it is not only difficult for them to travel, but sometimes dangerous and/or impossible. Therefore, we also have to take into account their safety and ability to get to and from work safely and ensure that the appropriate numbers of staff are able to be in school to then teach our pupils.

School will never be closed without considerable thought and risk assessment being taken and will only be closed as a last resort and not as a matter of course.

If we have to close the school, the following procedure will be taken:

  • The decision to close the school will be communicated via school text message. (Please update the school office if you have changed any personal details).

  • The closure will be posted onto the school story on Class Dojo.

  • This website will be updated to inform you that the school is closed.

Updates will be sent to families via school text message regarding the situation as soon as possible.

Class Dojo and This website will also be updated.