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Collaborative - Communication


My Communication (Eq)

  • Call and Response - This style of communication encourages our students to recall and retell a story. This would then lead to students being able to tell their own stories, including what they have done at weekends.
  • Greeting someone new - Learning the skill of greeting new people, using sign, symbols or verbal communication to encourage a conversation.
  • Narratives/ Sensory Story - This would build on the call and response style of communication of recalling and retelling a story.

Wren Offer

Circle Time As part of the morning routine of greeting peers and staff, understanding the weather, and whether a coat or sun-cream is required, and going through a half-day schedule.
Story Time & Reading Interventions Reading interventions, with our Phonics trained staff, for identified students working through the SoundsWrite programme.
Attention Autism Attention Autism is an intervention approach by Speech and Language Therapist Gina Davies which aims to work on the early fundamentals of language including awareness of others, attention, listening, shared attention, switching attention and turn-taking.
Music Within our Music sessions we use instruments, background music and stories as a basis for understanding and feeling rhythm, timing, and to be able to experience and make sound.


  • Sensory story

Students engage in a weekly sensory story, using a visual story and physical props. Topics include: The Jungle Book; The Greatest Showman; and Harry Potter. This develops communication, literacy, and listening skills, as well as encouraging group participation.