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Assessment & Quality Assurance


At Wren Spinney, the learning is personalised to the needs and levels of the learner. Therefore, the assessment and impact of the learning is required to be personalised as well (Ipsative).

The following elements are carried out as part of Wren Spinney's assessment:

  • Wren Levels
    • The Wren Levels act as a baseline for our pupils by giving a cognitive working level.
  • Personalised Learning Goals (PLGs) on the Evidence for Learning (EfL) software
    • These are the outcomes and short-steps that are linked to the 5 areas of our curriculum. They are directly related to the Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).
  • Pen Portraits
    • Targets and interventions, focussed on the pupil, are tracked by the Class Teacher.
  • Areas of Personal Development (all areas are tagged within EfL)
    • There is an SMSC-BV framework that the school covers via celebration days to enrich the cultural capital experienced by the pupils.
    • We enable pupils to engage in a holistic programme at school with specific activities working towards ‘Future Destinations’ (Careers).
    • PSHE is covered.
  • ASDAN Accreditation
    • KS4 and KS5 follow ASDAN units, which leads to a Personal Progress Accreditation.

We want our students to become:

  • Successful learners who make progress against their Personalised Learning Goals, enjoy learning and achieve their potential
  • Confident adults who can live safe, healthy and happy lives
  • Responsible adults who make a positive contribution to society





Quality Assurance

To ensure quality and consistency of approach to the curriculum, the following elements of quality assurance take place within the school.

Internal Moderation

To ensure that judgements and targets are consistent across the school.  Teachers will consider the Wren Levels, EHCP Outcomes and Pen Portraits.  I.e., are the pupils working at that W-level, and is this consistent with another pupil working at that level across the provision and the whole school?


To verify that internal moderation and judgements are comparable against schools with a similar cohort to Wren Spinney.  This can be within and outside the Creating Tomorrow Trust.  This will also be reviewed by external professionals coming into school.

Planning Collaboration & Reflection

Evaluate effectiveness, appropriateness and quality of planning; share good practice by peer moderation with oversight from the Assistant Head of the Provision.

All staff are involved in teaching & learning.

Pupil Progress

Please see the Pupil Progress page.

Lesson Observations

Monitor, evaluate and review the standard of teaching, learning and pupil outcomes within the classroom.  Observations will be undertaken each term and carried out by the Senior Leadership Team.

Learning Walks

In real time, monitor, evaluate and review class practice.  Walks will be carried out each half-term with a focus on general teaching and learning or on a specific focus area.  They will be undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team and/or a Personal Development Lead.

Fresh Eyes (CPD)

Teaching staff to access CPD, including visiting other teachers to develop teacher practice.  This can be within the school or the Trust and to external schools.