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What do we do at The Shop?

Real life opportunities in terms of work experience, vocational education, and enterprise, are virtually non-existent for young disabled people in many parts of the country, Kettering being one of them. Therefore, young people with severe learning difficulties are in danger of being socially isolated and disadvantaged by their disabilities.

To this end Wren Spinney Community Special School embarked on an exciting project- opening 'The Shop' in the town centre, that now serves as a satellite base for young people to access local facilities, work placements and community activities, using public transport whenever possible.

Whilst working in The Shop the young people are able to study for qualifications that will support them in seeking employment in the future. The Shop also offers opportunities for pupils from local mainstream schools to access the many learning experiences the project provides.

Pupils are fully involved in every aspect of setting up the project and are responsible for buying stock, preparation of goods and serving behind the counter, making The Shop unique to Kettering.

At The Shop we:

  • sell a huge variety of old fashioned sweets.
  • take baskets of sweets to  employers and to the elderly in  local residential homes
  • put together gift baskets, on whatever theme the customer wants - toffees, chocolates, mints, a retro selection, or a special selection for a special event.

Working at The Shop has been a great experience for our students, who grow in confidence and love serving the customers; and for our customers; who can see first-hand that our students are making a positive contribution to the Kettering community.

Please feel free to drop by, Monday-Saturday, to see us at The Shop (but make sure you bring some change with you so you can go away with a bagful of sweets!)