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Structured - Future Destinations (Employment)

Wren Offer

Sensory stories Sensory stories convey simple narratives using a mixture of text and complimentary sensory experiences. Each section of the story (normally just a short sentence or two) is accompanied by a sensory experience to help bring the story to life. For example, in a story where a boat is crossing a sea, water may be sprayed. When telling sensory stories, we incorporate all the senses where appropriate, so touch, smell, sounds, taste and visual stimuli are utilised.


Engaging with the world around you

  • Objects

Students' knowledge of the world is supported by exploring different objects in structured sessions or during free play. Their exploration and tolerance of new things is carefully planned, so the engagement with the objects is successful. Engaging with different objects supports the development of concepts, which therefore supports the ability of each student to make mental models of the world in which they live in. During Ball Games, students develop their attention skills, as well as their gross motor skills.