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Sensory - Good Health

Wren Offer

Physio/Mobility This promotes and maintains individual therapies by using a range of movements for joints and muscles. Students access their Indi standing frames, wedges for prone lying and walkers in order to maintain mobility.
Sensory Integration Focusses sensory processing from the body's environment which includes; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Proprioception – body awareness and vestibular awareness of movement, balance and coordination.
Swimming Promotes mobility through freedom of movement, body awareness and independence, with the use of floatation aids.
Physical Wellbeing Body movement programs that promote body awareness through music and repetition, such as sensory movement and physiotherapy. 
Ball games Motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, turn taking and sharing
Parachute Parachute games and songs that promote socialising through fun, sharing and turn taking.
Free Choice - Transport Opportunity for students to make individual choices supported by communication.
Sensory Experience/Soft-Play Using bubble tube to provide calming, relaxing, visual feedback via movement and colour. A calming environment with waterfall lights, sensory beanbags, and cushions. 
Soft-Play Opportunity to share communication aids, spacing positively with peers, encouraging movement and body awareness = vestibular proprioception.