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Sensory - Communication


Sensory Story Eq. P

Students use a variety of multisensory props and visual aids.  Promotes communication, anticipation and engagement through repetition.

Wren Offer

Circle Time Use communication aids (switches/E-tran) to promote peer engagement, anticipation and self-awareness. Embeds students’ daily timetable with the use of comm symbols and OOR.
Bucket Gains student’s attention and interest by gaining students anticipation, excitement and observation of the content of the bucket.
Music Students experience differentiation between rhythm, tempo, noises and sounds, using a variety of accessible musical instruments.
Interaction Promotes positive interaction, builds relationships and communication,
Play Offered opportunities to explore unfamiliar pla- based activities, promoting choice and decision-making and problem-solving.
Exploration Opportunities to explore different textures and smells in an adapted environment.
Relaxation Relaxing music alongside a sensory massage and a diffuser to relax the senses.
TacPac Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music. This helps with sensory impairment, developmental delay, complex learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness and limited or pre-verbal level of communication.


ASDAN Community Inclusion

  • Sensory story 

Students engage in a weekly sensory story with a mixed group of Year 11 – 13 students from the for Sensory Provision classes, using a visual story and physical props. Topics include: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Moana. This develops communication, literacy, and listening skills, as well as encouraging group participation.