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Collaborative - Future Destinations (Employment)

Wren Offer

Skills for Life Making snacks, washing up, preparing the environment for an activity.
Assembly Reflection, focusing on our school values, celebrating success (Star of the Week)
Personal Development - Shopping list Students help to distribute the school food order, by locating items and delivering them to the correct class. This develops skills in: speaking and listening; following instructions; and travelling around school.
Community Inclusion Students visit the community through a variety of different experiences. Students practice travel training by bus journeys and road crossing. Visits to supermarkets, high street shops, parks and outdoor environments. Other opportunities include fishing and sporting events.
Creative Experiences Creative Experiences encourages students to try new creative activities – from art and design, to music, dance and drama. Students are encouraged to find activities they enjoy and trial different activities.


  • Developing skills for the workplace – Food Technology

Students choose, plan and prepare a weekly meal. Students use communication skills to decide and vote on their Friday lunch meal. They then choose and shop for ingredients. Students work together to prepare the food, using food technology skills and group work.